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Betty Jean


Well, I haven't blogged for a while so I thought I'd just drop in and say "Hi". I got laid off from my job for a bit due to health reasons so have been spending some quality time with Jim. Since I've been home we have been involved is taking care of some projects that needed doing around here and I have gotten Jim involved in all of it. He really seems to be enjoying getting involved in life again (around here at least). It angers him that he is stuck in that wheelchair which makes it hard to get around outside. We have a great big above ground pool that I had Jim help me set up and now he wants to get in it. I think it is motivating him to walk more and try to use his weak hand and arm. YIPPEE!!! When I see him fall asleep it is because he is tired and not because he is bored. Sometimes, as a caregiver, I run out of ideas to help motivate Jim and it gets very frustrating for me. I think I might be on to something here, though.


By the way, the tumor that I have on my scalp is benign, I went to a dermopathologist and that's the first thing he said, then he gave it some treatment and said it was supposed to shrink and fall off. It's still there. While I was there, though, he removed a "sore" that wouldn't heal from my forehead and that did turn out to be cancer. The doc got it all, though, so that's okay by me. I did want to use this as a reminder that everyone should be using sunscreen if you are going outside for any length of time at all. I just can't stress the importance of that too much. Especially with some of the meds you are on, you must be very careful about the sunshine.


Well, that's all for now,

Betty Jean


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thanks for update on your life, BTW water therapy is best for stregnthening of legs, maybe its time to get Jim in pool and walk in the pool.




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That was my plan for putting the pool up in the first place. I was thrilled that he came out and helped me with it but now he is just waiting for the water to warm up a bit more and then he wants to get inin the worst way! I'm not quite sure how I can safely manage that as the only way Jim can get in is by climbing a ladder. Maybe if our son is there to help him along with me we will manage. Jim's right side is strong and his left leg is strong he just can't control it very well yet so things may work out better than I think. He has also been working with his left hand and arm some. The hand is no longer curled up in a claw which is a big relief. I think maybe some therapy in the pool for his hand and arm can be worked out as well. If you have any ideas along that line I would appreciate them. I should have posted more about Jim's progress before. Maybe I will post the question about water therapy for the hand and arm on the other forum and see what everyone else says. Thanks for your comments, they sort of woke my brain up.


Betty Jean

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