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I know some of you are older than me. So my mother asked me to ask you all for basically some feedback about this subject. She went through this in her life but she thinks mine is because of the stroke. This month for some strange reason I had( have) my period. its been since november and then in janurary since I have had one. I usually had one every month and it would happen a week. I don't know why I have done this and why I am also flowing as much as I wish I was not. This is really strange I have ended up getting a diaper and wearing it around the house. And when I go to the bathroom it looks like a blood clott and its a big clott. I am haveing my period for 2 weeks. I just wish it would happen every month or not happen at all. To a 27 year old it is just gross and I wish I know why. If you are expericing this please can something be done ?? help !!! or if you have so postivite words that could help I would love to hear them .


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Natasha, since you are so young, I would suggest that you seek medical help to find out why this is happening. If you were closer to menopause, I would say that maybe that was the reason. But in your case, this is not right. Check it out and put your mind at ease.
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Hi Natasha, I worked in GYN for over 6 years. At 27 is a bit young for this. You need to go to a GYN for a check up. write down the dates of your periods, how long they last and how heavy. It could be one of many.. simple things. It could be hormone related.. from ovaries, could be a fibroid (bening growth in the uterus).


Take a list of your current medications. This does need to be checked by a specialist.. Simple tests, possibly an ultra sound of your ovaries to check for cysts. or a vaginal ultra sound to look for a fibroid in the uterus.





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natasha, i agree with the other ladies, you need to have a doctor check you out. since this is not normal for you, all the more reason to be seen.

i hope you get answers soon, it could be serious or nothing.

good luck and best wishes,


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