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Ok...just rejoined the blogging world and have 2 blogs in 1 day.


God has answered prayers and we are moving to Pennsylvaniia. My nephew will be my landlord as he decided to rent us the home he was planning on selling.


Just have to iron out getting us and critters there. So Plan A completed, Plan B is in the formatting stage. :bouncing_off_wall:


Kiddo has shed several tears and wouldn't talk to her Uncle when he called tonight. Over past few hours she's done better.


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Don't know how this will come out but..........Think your move will be great; your plans to rent your nephew's home may not be forever but right now it is a solution.


When kiddo is in her new school and is "the new girl" she'll be happy. Although all the kids are "new" (freshmen), they have all been in that area and haven't lived in Arizona.


It will be a slight hassle getting things together, but it will work out. I'm happy for you.



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I am so happy that you are moving to PA for the fact that I will be able to meet you and kristi now that you are little closer than AZ, I am sure Kristi will be fine and make great new friends, all will work out to your satisfaction, so what date exactly u are moving. now all be logistics of getting everybody here. al things will start to fall together, tell Kristi we all love her very much and things will be all fine. important thing is here in PA she still has you and critters and other benefits are added family members.




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Great NEWS for you Donna. I know Kristi is not overjoyed at this point.. but when she makes new friends and learns the school... there will be smiles and giggles.. and school activities to join. And she will have cousins and family....


My daughter and family moved last weekend.. they are only 4 hours away.. Bill will be starting high school in the fall, so a new school anyway for him.


If youo are driving you may want to check out motels.. that are pet friendly.. or allow the cages/carriers in the room.


You may want to get crystal used to a harnees and leash .. so you could take her for some walks when you stop.



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