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Lost in this new skin



Hi Everyone


I just dropped in to check on stuff and I think I am totaly lost. Nothing looks familiar to me. I am not sure if this is part of an upgrade or just a freaky twist in the digital weather but I find it very confusing.


I realize that it is a bit belated but Ross I was saddened to learn of Diane's death. Thank you for keeping us updated. I never really had the chance to meet and get to know her but I have read some of her posts and the many comments on her last blog post. My thoughts will be with you and your family on the 27th.


I am not very spry this week as I was away for the weekend and will be paying the price (fatigue) this week.


Here's hoping that we get back to some familiar territory soon as this skin just don't cut it for me.


I am sorry if I missed some reason why we have this different skin.


Please feel free to help me to understand the benefits of this new look and/or any other comments are always welcome.


Smiles :)




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Hi Gary, We are in the middle of an upgrade .. the skin is a little bright but you could adjust the brightness on your computer. Steve had to make some large server and upgrades for security and other reasons.


I am not totally sure if this is the final skin or if we will have options to change the skin or colors. Some areas are still being worked on and it is possible we will have some glitches until everything is in place.


I am not sure of all the new features and where thigs are either yet.. i just keep playing with buttons and clicks to ssee what I get..lol

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Hi Bonnie


Thanks for the skiny on the new skin. I guess I should be used to these annual upgrades by now but they always seem to catch me by suprise. LOL


I will try to have patience as we do every year and look forward to the improved land of Oz.


Over all the great deal of work that Steve continues to pour into this site has always proved to be for the better. After all he is the man of vision and we all get to benefit from it.


TY for the button pushing and clicking advise. (suprises are often a lot of fun)


Thanks again and I hope you are having a great day.


Smiles :)



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We'll be pros in no time. I too have been pushing buttons but my pushing got me all messed up. There will be some glitches, but like you said, Steve has vision.

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:im stupid: that describes me and the changes, It's good that edit is still left. LOL!


Good "seeing" you, G.G




PS. have one of the pepsi's in the fridge; will make you feel new again. I did leave some.

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as long as my blogs works I am okay and they work woohoo, much simpler for me now, but hey atleast you can blog so do that often.




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Hi Donna. Phil and Asha


Thanks for your comments. You make me feel like I am not alone treading water in this new swimming pool. LOL :tired:


Thanks for leaving a Pepsi Phil, I did have one the other night and it helped. Btw I don't agree with your sign. :im stupid: I think it is more like :oops: I did it again. <singing :hahaha:


Asha the queen of blogs. Great to know that you are here and yes I will keep bloggin. :beer:


Smiles :)



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