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Newsletter is now online



Hi everyone


Just wanted to let everyone know that the PEI Heart & Stroke newsletter is online in PDF format.


You can download it by going to that site (just google stroke pei) and look for the download link part way down the page.


I am not including a link here as there is a donation request in the newsletter and it is not in keeping with Strokenet policy to link to other sites of that nature. (I think)


But...If you google Stroke PEI and go to the PEI Heart & Stroke foundation site I am sure that you will find the download link


btw the Tour de PEI just came by and boy are those women fast. (if you blinked you would miss the whole pack)


Fred I was looking for you and Lance but I must have missed you guys.


There are pictures being posted in the www.tourdepei.com website under the news tab.


I will be away to New Brunswick this weekend for a mini vacation so see you all again next week. (the weather is suposed to be nice all weekend...in the 70s and 80s F)


Smiles :)




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Yea, we wanted to make it but like the women, if you blinked, you missed us. Well, you know Lance is super fast, with me that's another story. :scooter:

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