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Tour de PEI



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Hi again


It's Saturday again and it is rather beautiful here on PEI. (sun, no wind to speak of and 72F)


Over the next five days we have a world class woman's cycle tour happening here on the island.


I thought some of you might like to come for a visit and share in the exicitement.


Come on over and check out the "Tour de PEI"


I noticed that there will be some live cams on the bridge and there is tons of associated information on the web site.


As I am writing this there is 10 hours left on the countdown clock.


Welcome to PEI and enjoy the "Tour de PEI" ( the course winds past where I live on Wednesday in Montague)


Smiles :)




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Since Lance Armstrong is here in Texas, I'll try to get him to come and watch about the time they hit your town. That way I can get a ride with him.


Amazing, I was in his company last week in support of the injured troops back from Iraq and able to participate in sporting events they enjoyed before the injury.

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Hay Fred


Thanks! I will be looking forward to it.


Wow what an honor to be helping disabled vets to cope with the tremendous amount of acceptance and adjustment that they each must face.


I am sure that it would be encouraging to be teamed up with someone like yourself that has had to cope with a similar experience.


Perhaps you could inspire other stroke survivors to work with returning veterans that are struggling to rebuild a life after disability.


I will be watching for you and Lance on Wednesday so be sure to wave.


Smiles :)



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