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Emily of New Moon by LM Mongomery



Hi everyone


This post is in response to a question from HostSue about the Anne series being filmed here on P.E.I.


I believe the Anne series was filmed in Ontario while great pains were taken to make it look and feel like P.E.I.


There was another series (based on the writings of Lucy Maud) that was filmed here on P.E.I.


It is called "Emily of New Moon" and I think they filmed three seasons. The girls featured are Islanders and the set was in the Cabott Park area just East of Summerside.


You can search Google on "Emily of New Moon" to find information, reviews, the books and the movies. It was shot around 96,97 and 98 so I am not sure if there is DVD or only VHS format.


Anyway have a boo and let me know what you find.


Smiles :)




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