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Medicare vs. HMO's



Just as some people choose to go to an HMO, I chose to stay with straight Medicare. I understand how medical bills can deplete ones funds and assets quickly. When I had my first stroke at 60, I didn


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Like you, I chose regular Medicare (mine went into affect June 1st). I am also, I hope, fortunate to also maintain Medicaid. They will cover what Medicare doesn't. They are even covering the premiums for A & B. I had heard how confusing all the insurance babble was but my oh my I was going loco. Hard thing to put these damaged brain cells through :nuts: I haven't used it all yet - but hope it does run smooth.

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Dear Phyllis--I was so glad to read your blog. I am anticipating Medicare to "kick in" for me in November and I am glad to read that they are helpful.


I have been paying my medical debts and most of my accounts have been very helpful and patient. Two, however, sent my accounts to collections but I keep paying directly to the organizations. I do not send payments to the collection agencies. Its been discouraging to me because as soon as I pay off a debt, something happens and I acquire new bills. Hopefully, after November, things will ease up.


I've been told Medicare will reimburse me for the medical bills I paid off. If this is true, I will be glad so I can apply a good bit of money towards my largest account, the hospital where I was in ICU for (3) months. I was lucky that I had a good investment portfolio, which covered a lot of my expenses across the board but didn't cover all the hospital charges. I hope to have this paid in about (3) years. It would be nice if it were less.


Thank you for your blog. Take Care. LK

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