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A thought returned



The recent news and article about American opera star Beverly Sills death made me again think of "life" in general.


I had the same feeling when I first knew about Bubbles as she was called. Life is cruel to everyone; the famous and not so famous- as we are. She had a daughter who was born deaf. Here was a woman who had the voice of an angel and if she sang lullabies to her baby, the child never heard her mother's magnificent voice. I just read in the article, which I hadn't known before, that the daughter has MS and a son born to Beverly is autistic. I'm sure she had seen to their care if something had happened to her. Her husband passed away last year.


Another strange thing.....she had been disgnosed just a few weeks before with inoperable lung cancer. She never smoked. The thing that surprised me though is that a singer learns to use their lungs properly. They are certainly exercised and one would think this would strengthen them. Isn't it strange that this was the part to give out.


Life? It will always remain a big question that no one can explain.


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Yes Phyllis, the "whys" of so many things cannot be answered although it is human nature to want the answers. Nothing is a guarantee in this world of ours and it's a shame that bad things do happen to good people. I had not heard of her passing. I'm sure she provided for her children.

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BTW, the author of the book - When Bad Things happen to good people was written by a Rabbi. He had a son who had,,,,,,,I'm not sure of the word but it starts with a "p", I think and it is where shildren age very fast and at 13, they have the illnesses etc. of very old people, even wrinkled skin. His son passed away. I don't remember how he explained it but I guess that is was, he was in a better place.


Bubbles kids are now grown, of course, but with illness, you have to provide and I'm sure she did.

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You know, that's what make me wonder why so many (especially women) spend so much money on plastic surgery for their face and bodies. They won't live on earth in those bodies forever. From my teachings, life after death or ever lasting life is in the spiritual soul not in the flesh.


And this is a prime case where we don't know how or when our time comes or our end is at that moment. I bet Beverly had no idea lung cancer would cause her death.


I have a couple missing teeth on the side, can still chew anything, so at 66, I don't need root canals and crowns for 5,000 dollars that will last for more years than I have left to live. If it was front teeth I'd just get a set of plates for much less or do like many I see in walmart, just don't smile.

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