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Ahhh the sweet smell of Independence



Ahhhhhh to feel the wind in my hair again, I'm driving but with a fully licensed driver because they have me on a 5A license, not my idea of freedom., I wish the 20th. of July would hurry, but when you have to wait 60 days between tests it's a hassle.

So I go down to the mail Thursday morning, and low and behold another damn letter from Driver licensing, what do they want now I'm thinking as I go back upstairs.

I throw the mail on the table, and my wife starts opening it up. When she opens the letter from Driver licensing she starts to laugh,

I grab it to see what's so funny (they


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hey stu:


what a lovely surprise and I am so happy for you about you getting your driving back wow way to go buddy, sky is limit now.




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Congrats.... Glad you got it back.. just go slow and easy on the bike....


Oh I don't think I'll be touching the bike anytime soon, just glad to have my four wheels to get around in. You really don't realize just how much you miss the independence until it's gone. I had to battle to get it back, and all I had to do was wait and they would of just given it back, go figure :)




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That's great, I remember how I felt when they said I could return to driving. That was a relief to my wife that was already tired of pushing my wheel chair.


I got a mobility scooter and my permit to drive about the same time. I had MC on my license so That hasn't changed but I won't be getting on a bike for a long time.

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Congrats - what a super surprize! Sometimes the government does come through for us. Enjoy your new found freedom even if it is just to the local fruit stand. I bet that fruit tastes extra special. :Good-Luck:

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