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Finally got my chair



:Clap-Hands: Well after almost 2 months I finally got my chair back. Now I have to get used to this one again. I guess if a Munchnin ever shows up here they will have a chair waiting for them. Teddy had mercy on me and only went for a very short walk this morning. There is always the afternoon walk though. It semms I walk him now more than I did before my stroke. Just being with him makes me feel better.

Next on my list is an appointment with my Orthatist. Who knows how long that will take! The VA is not known for thier quick response. :yeahrite: Maybe if I call my Dr.


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YEAH for the chair :) And glad Teddy took a short walk until you feel more comfortable in your chair. I know dogs have a "sense" sometimes on what we need. They sure make life a lot better.. :)


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Good you got the new chair and for Teddy keeping you busy. I hear you about the VA, my Dad experience the waiting game with them too but they eventually came through. You'd think they would be more on it or faster. After all, you served your country!

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