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Friday the 13th



It is the superstitious Friday the 13th, Iv'e never felt ot was unlucky, unless you were a black cat. Not a good day for thoes dudes. I take a full moon more seriously, I think there is something to that. Actually Friday June 13, 1980 was a very memorial day for me. I was in the Air Force and that was the day I left for a 2 year tour of duty in England. That was a very eye-opening experience for me. I still rememember the first time I went to London. I was just a country boy from South Texas, and I remember getting off the tube and I was in London. We walked a few blocks and it just happened to be gay pride day in London. To quote a song "I saw things I ain't never seen before". :jawdrop: Actually it was very funny.

I have really enjoyed Teddy, he is very protective of me. Normally he very frighted by thunder, but since he has been here, whenever he hears thunder he charges the door barking and growling. Also, whenever anybody knocks on the door he does the same thing, a few times people that don't really know him refuse to come in. However most people here know him. In many ways I know what it would be like to be married to a celebitry. Every time I go to get pills, or go to the dinning room all everyone asks is "where's Teddy", or "how is Teddy doing" :violin:. He is a very special dog, to say the least.

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Just before that time in 1980 President Carter boycotted the 1980 Olympics in Moscow and I had a fit. I retired in 1979 just to be a civilian going with the US pistol team the next year, So I could express myself then in the news media. When you are military they tell you who talks to the media in foreign countries and what you say.


Those black cats got 9 lives so them dudes don't even think about getting hit by cars. You ever notice the ones you see killed in the street are not black!! They have no fear for Friday the 13th. :taz:

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