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small victory for the left hand



Back in 1981 I visitet Paris and the Louvre. While at the gift shop I noticed a jar full of beads from Ancient Egypt. I have always been interested in Ancient Egypt, but for some reason I did not buy one, to my regret. Then last month a friend of mine was taking a trip to Paris and said she would get me a couple of beads. Sure enough she returned with 2 scarab beads :Clap-Hands: I bought a chain to wear it, but had all kinds of promblems fastening the chain with the very tiny locks. I am not the type ask for help, so I struggled with it until I finally got that sucker. One small step for a left hand :wacko: , one giant leap for all left hands.


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Yes, fastening neck chains is a problem. That's why I got a chain strong enough to wear 24/7 for my lightening bolt charm.


Good for you! I guess I can start considering myself a lefty sort of so thank you for the hope.

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good job preluki, glad you finally got the beads and your hard work paid off. i am like phyllis and just wear my chain with my wedding ring on it all of the time. since i can't wear it on my finger anymore due to stroke.

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