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And now for something completly different



Ever since my stroke (as all are well aware) it seems so much has changed in me personally. I used to watch The Food Network, most of the time. I have not watched it since,I would much rather watch Court TV and Cops is my favorite. I especially like it when someone is tazed, one minute they are acting like an a-hole, the next it's "yes, sir"' "no, sir" It is getting to the point it is almost like I Love lucy, or Star Trek, I can tell if I had already seen that episode within a few minutes.

I some ways part of my personality from the 15 years in the Air Force has returned. I am basically a hard core no non-sense NCO. I think that many I know are not used to that. I now have quite a temper again. Once I chewed out a Master Sgt, I am actually quite proud of that. :big_grin: Some have gotten the idea I go around yelling at people, which is not true. I am a very mellow person, until someone crosses the line. Actually, I am quite like Teddy. He too has quite a temper. He has never bitten me, but he has let me know "he is not amused".

Actually times when he would get mad, like making him move from his spot on the bed, which happened several days ago. I could just tell he "was not amused", but he held back. He is already upset that I am in a wheelchair so he cut me a break. :bouncing_off_wall:

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Doug...I enjoy watching Court TV and Cops too as well. I also dig the Food Channel but only watch certain cooking shows. I am a Star Trek fan as well and have attended many Star Trek, Sci-Fi and comic conventions. Stroke does affect the chemicals that control the emotions in our head so tempermant does get affected.Great you have Teddy there to keep you in check..LOL! Your military training might be rubbing off on him..lol!

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