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Me and my Teddy



I think I propably should talk about my friend Teddy, as most of you know he is my Rat Terrier, and my best friend. In 1998 friends convinced me I should get a pet. I lived in a rather small townhome, with no back yard so my choices were limited. I wanted a dog, but I really didn't care too much for small dogs because to me they seemed so nervous and yappy. I decided to get a cat, I went down to the animal shelter, but I had reservations about a cat. A week later I saw a program on TV about a fox terrier and I said that is what I needed, but I could not find one., so I went to the computer and did some research somehow I found the rat terrier. They got thier name because Teddt Roosevelt had some and they got rid of all the rats in the White House. I decided that was the dog for me.

A couple of weeks I saw an add in the paper for 2 rat terriers. Both were males, I never had a male dog before. The only male dog I was around was when I was a kid. It was a small black dog named People's (why I have no idea). But this dog had a habit of getting friendly with you leg. But I thought I would have a go. The following Sunday I went to buy him. Teddy was born by a breeder (I know; not good). But she was the wife of a rancher in Akron, Colorado, and raised only a few dogs more as a hobby.

She only had 2 left, one was bigger, but a little shy, but I picted him. He was so small he fit into an empty computer paper box. I paid $200 for him anjd off we went. The drive back to Denver took some time and he was very nervous. I decided to name him Teddy, since Teedy roosevelt had one and I always liked Teddy Roosevelt.



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Glad you and Teddy are such good friends. Animals are such a joy to be around and a valued part of the family. My daughter and I belong to a cat, Crystal; she's my guard-cat as well as my 2nd daughter. We just relocated 2,400 miles and I could never have gotten rid of her. As we are renting a house, we'd like to get a dog...but we're not rushing into anything. Looking forward to hearing more about Teddy.

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