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Teddy 2



We got home shortly after 6:00pm since it was mid-november, it was already dark. I brought Teddy inside and he was fascinated by the TV. I thought I had every planned out, however, I had to throw all my plans out because he was terrified by being be left alone. I had planned to have him sleep in a box by my bed, but no way. He was literally screaming, so I put him in the bed with me. That seemed to satisfy him some. He made it clear he didn't like being left alone. Even if I went into the bathroom he would put up a fit. I soon learned never to close a door behind me. Even when I took a shower, even closing the shower, he would start screaming. If I was upstairs and left him downstairs, he would start screaming.

I had origanally planned to seal of my kitchen area, so I could go to work. No way in hell would he allow that. I had to take him to work with me. At that time I worked for my brother. This was before his head got so big it could replace Pluto as the ninth planet, so everything went fine.

Wake up calls at all hours of the night so he could go outside. It was like I was a rel daddy (which I was). Somehow we both made it through the first few months.

At Christmas I took him to my brothers house. It was cold, but we took all the kids to go sledding. Almost everyone had thier designer dogs, but Teddy had a good time.

When we got home he was actually able to go up and down the stairs himself. Daddy was so proud. Eventually, I was able to leave him at home while I went to work.

One day I came home and he was chewing on my shoes, he had never done anything like that before. I got mad, yelled at him and went upstairs to change my clothe's. Shortly, Teddy folowed me upstairs. He stopped in the doorway, looked me in the eyes, squatted down and *beep* on the floor. I almost fell over laughing. :roflmao: Teddy had introduced me his dark side Teddy "the terrorist". This little guy had quite a temper. :Explode:



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The first dog my husband and I had was a Rat Terrier. His name was Nipper. He was a really good and smart dog. We didn't have rats but mice and Nipper could catch them. I watched him go after a prairie dog and it was fascinating. We lived near an open field. When Nipper finally nabbed the prairie dog, he kept throwing it into the air until it no longer moved, then Paul buried it. Nipper was a good watchdog and a great companion for our 1-year old son.


Teddy will be lots of company for you.



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Guest thegoodlife


[ :lol: b][/b]


Geez just had to reply to this one I want a Teddy. What kind of dog is he a real Teddy Bear dog?? They are cuter than cute but sounds like he has to be under foot all the time-is that so?


Right now I am not s'pposed to have a dog but am thinking that because I get along w/landlord so well and I am super clean person maybe for rehab pruposes if I could get a Dr. to write something up- then I would be able to get one.


Sounds like u totally enjoy yours. That is awesome.


Keep telling me more I love to hear about dogs.

Did u post pict. of him?







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I loved your story about Teddy!


I had a cocker spaniel when my husband and I first got married. I always had dogs while growing up but my husband said he didn't want to have any animals. When I found out his pet first was a cocker spaniel named Daisy, I went on a campaign. Making a long story short, we got a very small red-coated Cocker Spaniel, whom we named Sallie (my husband named her).


She was a delight but I made sure all things were out of her reach before I left for work each day. One day, I came home and all the shoes in my closet were chewed and completely destroyed. I didn't have anything to wear the next day in the way of shoes so I went out and bought a new pair. At some point in time during the evening, she wrangled her way into the closet and ate the NEW pair of shoes!


It may have put a test to the Love relationship I had w/ Sallie but we still loved her all the same and she eventually grew out of that stage.


Thanks for your story. Dogs are cool. Take Care. LK

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Dogs are such great companions.. LOL we have 6.. never intended to have that many. Luckily we have 5 acres.


We call our house The Dawghouse..lol 2 we rescued and 2 are from our Min Pin male .. we bred him with a female. she had 4 puppies ( we got half the litter) and one we found at the feed store.. and couldn't resist..LOL


When they were puppies, i kept lots of chew bones around for them .. and have only had a couple pair of cheap.. shoes chewed..


Teddy sounds like he got you trained.. (just like ours..lol)

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