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spell check



OK, so most of you already know I am NOT computer friendly, So this blog is very short and looking for replies from those who know where the spell check happen to be hiding from my use when I make a post or reply? First of all, it no longer appears where you post the reply as it once did.


I find myself having to hit more options to get another page with the icon, checkmark, but when I hit it, it says ie spell check not detected, hit ok to download. IT NEVER HAS FOR ME.


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Hi Fred Yes i have to hit more options, then the spell check appears I also got the message that i needed to download it. It took me to a site with 4 download buttons. The first was marked CNET one said something about Geeks and I don't remember the other 2. I clicked on the first Download button it was on the left side. I have dial up and it took about 16 minutes. Then a box opened and asked if I wanted to run the program, I had to check the box to agree to the "liscence agreement" then I had to click on install to install it .. Now when I click on more options, the spell check works.


You may want to make sure your pop up blocker is set to allow pop up's from the stroke net site, or that it is turned off while you down load the spell check program.


Hope this helps.. If not contact me and I will try to help you a little more. Bonnie

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I hope you get the spell check problem resolved quickly as well as satisfactorily. I too am not a computer literate person - though with my Dell, I've got it pretty down pat. Getting a different computer will be a challenge to overcome. But, I must look at it as another challenge to face head on.

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Fred, you're lucky your name is"King". My last name is German, In English, we all know that "i" comes before"e". Not so in German or at least my name. It tells me my name is spelled wrong. You should hear me scream at my computer. So to keep my bp down, I don't use spell check. LOL!


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I think I got "a" spell check, not on this site as we once had, just in general for internet explorer. I don't like it but I have no other choice except going to Firefox.


So I'll stumble with this one until something better comes along or better still, it comes back on strokenet.


Thanks for all help you all!

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OK, I'm content and I learned a lot without having to pay the Geek Squad and who knows, maybe one day the "spell check" will be back on the message board instead of "more options" before we add our reply.


Thanks to all!

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