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Vacation Life In New Orleans



Hey, I'm on vacation, short but sweet in New Orleans. Haven't been here since Katrina two years ago. It's not the same in some areas, especially the lower 9th ward, it's in shambles. I brought my big scooter and go out in day light only, Don't want to become a statistic. Glad I brought my laptop and staying across the street from the casino.


I wish every survivor could get out of the house once in a while to see the outdoors. I even walked about a block to see in different little shops what they had since the hurricane. This part of town is about the same to me. Packed with people for mid week. Their population is up to 275,000 reported by the local news on TV.


Couldn't ask for a better room, walk in shower, large bath tub, separate commode room, computer hook up and a door bell. It's not even a handicap room as I don't really need one so we didn't ask for one.

I am on the fourth floor, requested nothing above the seventh floor out of reach of the fire truck ladders. I suggest all survivors consider that when staying in hotels.



it's real nice to stretch out in a king size bed, exercise for free in the gym, sauna, hot tub without extra cost. Now if I could just figure out to get room service without the high price. The room doesn't have a refrig but a one cup coffee pot with Columbian coffee. Hey, I'm enjoying this room and my stay this time.


My wife is at moms house cooking and celebrating with her brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. There are too many to count. Her mom is blessed to still have 8 kids living, 4girls, 4 boys, one boy died about 4 years ago in a gang killing.


I'm sending you all virtual hugs and love from the Big Easy of today. The food is still great and everyone is smiling so off I go to my first visit to Harrah's casino and have a look around. I'll end up at the poker table where I play 7 card stud and you get to see the first 3 cards without an ante unless you have th low card showing then you have to play but if there is a raise you can fold your hand.


One time I had a 4 of spade showing for low hand and two more 4's for 3 of a kind. I won that hand with a full house. The pot was over 200.00 dollars cause they all thought I was bluffing and they had me beat. I just called all raises.


Ok, I'm off to the casino you all, wish me luck. I got my power ball tickets too for the drawings today and Saturday. Toot-a-Lou!!


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Enjoy ENJOYENJOY your vacation. You deserve the time away.


I've never been to the Big Easy - perhaps someday. Now that I've flown on an airplane post and "feel like a pro", I'd be ready for another adventure God and finances willing.


Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em - as the song goes. :rolleyes:

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Guest lwisman


Enjoy yourself Fred. It is great to get away from home for a bit.


Congratulations on going to New Orleans. In January we went to Mississippi and Alabama gulf coasts. But, did not have the hear to go to New Orleans! I understand repair is quickly in MS and AL.

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Sounds great, Fred! I've never been there either.


Win lots of money so you can tell Wally's World Bye Bye, your wife can retire and the two of you can go live on a deserted island with your private jet parked outside. (Knowing you, you won't have to worry about emergencies with the jet right there,) And ofcourse anything else your heart may desire.


Guess that is dreaming a little high, so at least make enough to pay for the vacation so it's free and a few bucks for spending on something you'd like. (More dowm to earth, I guess.)


And even if you loose a few, sure you had that figured into the cost of the vacation. Got to see a lot of family anyway, and that is nice.





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Hey, Fred,


I've been to N'awleans twice - once when the company my husband worked for had a meeting there and the wives were given a tour of the city. Very interesting. The other time was when Nebraska played in the Sugar Bowl on New Year's Eve. :cocktail: I loved the fireworks on the river at midnight.


Enjoy your vacation.



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If there is a bad thing about this city in it's come back days.... it's the daily killings, shooting. Certain neighborhoods are really having a hard time much like it was in Houston. Then the prices are very high compared to before Katrina.


IMO, it will be a long time before this city recovers and are ready for visitors on a large scale. On the sreets, I spoke with several visitors who stated they just wanted to see for themselves but won't come back for a while. It will be next year or more before I return. My wife will no doubt return sooner, it's home for her and her family.


At the moment they are gouging the visitors of their money for everything. The locals are having to pay up as well.

Example, Popeye's chicken is twice the normal price in Texas. Unreal! I talked to one guy in the lobby who got a parking ticket for expired meter parking for $55.00. That's twice the normal price in most cities I know about. And the wrecker towing trucks are everywhere as I ride my scooter on the streets (sidewalks) which are under repair, while looking around some.

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fred, sounds like alot of fun there, enjoy your vacation and win lots of money. be safe as crime is up everywhere it seems lately. your room sounds great too. i agree about survivors getting out more, the scooter is the answer to independence i think. i've never been there either, don't think i want to. i'll stick to ariz and vegas casino's. have fun. good info about the 7th floor, i never knew that. thanks.

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glad you are having a hoot. only been to no just after high school, I was oldest in group and onluy one legal and only one carded. now I don't have to worry, some day I will have a vacation, and will hopefully remember that about 7th floor, I had that problem and swithed to the light blue style and not had other problems.

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