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I finally out ssi



Well its been a while and i thought u all would like to know. I did get SSI and they have sent the first check . They retroded the amount all the way back tobefore i had the stroke. then each month i will get a certain amout then in 6months (around jan) i will get another big check . This has made abig difference, and we are working on the medicade to pay for oxygen . An now I will go back to school. I have my fingers crossed on it . Mom said I would start out one class at a time and then go from there. I was thinking yesterday about how far I have come and it will be a year on sept 23 of 07. I don't wanna make it sound like i am rubbing it in anyones face but I so happy nothing could be any better, and i wanna say thinks to all of u of given me incourgement. thank you :Clap-Hands: :happydance: :bouncing_off_wall:

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hey Natasha:


we are all friends here, we cheer for you to succed and feel proud when you do, and in the down ride we are here to give each other support, I m very happy that you got SSDI and now on the path of returning to school. in my stroke journey I felt first few years were difficult later on you start building new life for new you, albeit it's little differentbut it's much better than the alternative.




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