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I used to watch that soap opera years ago. Is it still on?


I have been using my motorized wheelchair for a couple weeks now and I haven't run over the cat yet! :laughbounce: I have been outside a few times, but it has been so hot that I don't go out much. It cooled off last night and we have had a few rain showers. It is raining as I write this.


I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and I have lost about 5 lbs. since my last appointment. :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: However, when I asked Pete (my doctor) if one of my meds could be making me thirsty, he suggested I have blood drawn to check for diabetes. I fretted about that until his office called and told me that everything was fine - all numbers are normal. :happydance: I think one of my meds is the culprit - besides it has been extremely hot.


Last Monday, our daughter and her husband were granted adoption of their 6 1/2 year old foster son. They have had him in their home for 4 1/2 long and frustrating years. We have cameras on our computers, so she called and I was able to see and talk to Brandon that evening. He told me he had been 'dopted.


Our youngest daughter had her birthday on Wednesday. When we talked to her, she told us that she will be moving back to Nebraska this week. She had accepted a position at a hospital in Eastern Nebraska and she would start on July 30. She will be about 6 hours away now. She is a nurse practitioner.


It will be 2 years on August 1 that I have been home and life continues to be good. I have accepted that I can't do much anymore, but I can still be happy. I am teaching my caregiver, Misti, how to make quilts and that makes me feel useful. Also, I have discovered I can do counted crossstitch one handed. I have a special hoop. It's much slower, but it is doable.


My companion of 51 years continues to take good care of me. I was concerned a couple weeks ago when he said that he had passed lots of blood so he called his doc immediately. A colonoscopy revealed diverticulosis and that can be controlled with proper diet. He is feeling okay now.


We also have two sons, but I don't have any news about them, except the youngest is building a new home so we probably won't be seeing much of him for a few months. He lives about 2 1/2 hours away. The other son lives in Florida.


Stay tuned. :big_grin:








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I just love this "news about the family blog". Congratulations on your attitude. I love when you say that you know your limitations now but you can still be happy! It is such a great thing to be able to accept where you are and be happy.


The " 'dopted" grandson sounds like a real treasure. Enjoy the contact and he will enjoy having you as his grandmother I am sure. We love all four of our grandchildren, we had the youngest last night, for a person with such short legs he can move really fast! I spent all evening saying: "Ta for Granma" and taking things off him that he shouldn't have had in the first place!


Will stay tuned for your next exciting episode!



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Glad to hear all is going well with you and the family as well. Glad too to hear the cat has been spared getting runned over. Last night my daughter decided it would be good therapy for Mom to walk from the livingroom to diningroom while caring Crystal, our kitty. Carrying her one armed and handed like a baby did not thrill her or me as my balance was thrown off by carrying her. Needlesstosay kiddo had to rescue poor Crystal fairly quickly.


Looking forward to more family updates.

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hey Vi:


I love family updates and your attitude, that shows life does not revolve around our stroke, we can all be still very happy.




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