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Teddy's day



Teddy and I had a good day. Teddy was so happy every time I took him outside. the minute I put on his leash and opened the door he was off. I'm not sure if he was in anxious to see people or go outside to pee. He just rushed from place to place. He saw a rabbit and almost pulled me out of my chair. Actually, I think he just enjoyes them running away from him. I guess he feels like the great hunter. I had a vauge dream a few days ago that he actually caught one. I don't rembember what he did once he caught it. Most of the day he would just sit and look at me like he wanted something. After the after lunch walk a nurse gave him a spoonful of baked beans. He almost ate the spoon along with the nurse's finger.


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Teddy sounds like a real social butterfly. And, liking baked beans? Hopefully he did experience the side affects from the beans :rolleyes:

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Beans are not a dogs' best friend..LOL! Well, glad he enjoyed them and enjoyed his walk and outside time with you Doug...Awesome!

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