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Teddy finally did it



I took Teddy out this morning and he was his usual self, showing off. Everything went well until we headed back inside. We have a cat that stays at this assissted kiving. He stays in the snack room. It happens that there is a window to that room and Teddy saw that cat and went balistic. He was barking and growling and I had to literally had to pull him away from the window. I pulled him halfway down the hallway to where there is a slight incline. He suddenly turned around back toward the cat and pulled me out of my chair. I flopped on the floor, but I still had the leash. Teddy was trying to looki so innocent while the nurse helped me back to my chair. :oops:

I wasn't hurt of cource, it was funny. That little monster is trying to kill me I think. :head_hurts:









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What have you been feeding the llittle monster?..other than baked beans..LOL! Wow! He's strong for a little guy..either that or part bionic..Obviously he wanted a piece of that cat! Glad you got him under control the little bugger!..lol

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Maybe he felt the cat was going to intrude on his space. So the dog in him being protector and mans best friend came out.


Or he may have been watching those big cats on animal discovery channel and saw what they do to their prey.

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hey Doug:


glad you weren't hurt, did you punish Teddy such that he knows that behaviour is not accepted.




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No I didn't punish Teddy. He didn't mean to do it and he is such a good dog (and he has a temper), also he is so protective of me I just couldn't :sleazy:

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