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I get to go to the VA



Today I had to go to the VA. Just to get a new Dr. My appointment was at 2:30pm, so I had to take the local Access-A-Ride :Argh: They are not known for thier effencancy. I was scheduled to be picked up between 1:15 and 1:45 (or there abouts) :yadayada: They actually showed up on time. I got to the VA at a little after 2:00pm. I usually go to rehab, wher I know the routine, but I had to go to a different clinic. Talk about Ketstone Cops, it was a mess. I was beginning to think I showed up at the Driver's Liscense Dept. :head_hurts: My bus was to pick me up at 3:30, so ther I sat. And sat....Finally just before 3:30 :out_of_here: I will make my appointment for a longer time next time. But, no, my fun had only just begun. There were 4 other people on the bus, so I had a feeling I was about to take a tour of the greater Denver Metro. Correct, at one point I was within 6 blocks of my place... but no. We went on a magical mystery tour (Beatles music playing). Off we went to the nether regions of Aurora. Finally after a one hour tour (Gilligan's Island music playing) . I made it home. Poor Teddy must have smelled me down the hall, because when I got to the door he went nutso. I was just as happy to see him too. :happydance:


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My husband goes to the VA clinic . It is pretty big, Almost every area has volunteers walking around to help people with directions or get wheelchairs.


If you call the VA office they have vans and busses to take people to their appointments also The first appointment since we were "new" one man stayed with us .. or would tell us he would meet us in a certain area at a specific time.


Is it wonderful to have someone so happy to see you come home..:)

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I don't know your condition and situation so far as being able to drive but I know from my own experiences, it's one of the things needed for stroke survivors. Man, I was so happy I got my licenses back shortly after I relearned to walk.


Then my scooter arrived and my wife jumped for joy, no more pushing a 200 pound man in a wheel chair everywhere I had to go every day including to the VA.


Maybe the next time will be a better experience and like Bonnie says, try using the VA or VFW van service, they have it here where I live.

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Hope your next jaunt to the VA goes better than this one did - especially the transportation part. At least the music was good, if you like The Beatles. Transportation issues seem to be in every state.


Bet Teddy was smiling when Dad got home. :big_grin:

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