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After yesterday's wild trip, Iwas ready to take it easy. But then there is Teddy. I took him out early, and when the Activities Director showed up Teddy jumped in the car and was ready to go. He did his business and was ready to meet and greet his adoring public. He played a bit aloof, but looked for tidbits on the floor. He found a couple of something, who knows what.

Later his good friend Kim brought him 2 pork chops. He knew they were in my pocket and could not wait. I warmed it up for him and her tore into it. He loved it and ate it bone and all> I started getting worried because he was coughing and the was a small amount of blood on his snout. That didn't phase him one bit. I will save the other one for another time. :happydance:


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You might want to use caution in giving Teddy pork chop bones unless your vet says it's ok - from all that I've always heard, pork chop and chicken bones are considered no-nos for dogs cos the cooked bone splinters to easy and can cause internal injuries. Large beef bines are preferred.

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Yes pork chop and actually any small sharp bones including beef can be dangerous. We had on of our little ones choke on a pork chop bone. I did heimlich on him and the bone flew out.. We live 17 miles to town, he would have been dead before we got to vet. I told my husband don't ever give them pork chop bones again.


We are very careful now.. they get long beef rib bones when we barbecue.. or soup bones. You can sometimes ask the butcher for soup bones and boil them.. freeze the broth & put some on his food.


They have first aid instructions for pets also. I keep a first aid kit here, including childrens liquid Benadryl for bee stings or allergic reactions. the dose for a dog is 1 milligram per pound.


Glad teddy is ok..


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