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reality, what a concept



:im stupid: I have not been able to blog for several days :Argh: but Bob gave me some advice I did not realize. I could not access my blog, or anyone else's for that matter. It seems I was using IE7, and that was kicking me off the site everytime I tried to access a blog. Bob suggested I use Firefox and :happydance: it worked. Seek and ye shall find.

Anyway, Teddy is doing great, one of the residents gave him 2 rib bones (not pork chops) this time, and he went to town :lol:

We did finally get some thunderstorms 2 days ago, and Teddy was very vigilant, everytime he heard thunder he would charge the door barking and growling. I can sleep safe at night.


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I've been having trouble with Internet Explorer, also, the past few days so I have switched to Firefox. I think I'll use it from now on.


I'm glad Teddy is protecting you.



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I'm glad Firefox worked for you. It's a fairly nice browser. I use Opera on Strokenet. It seems to load faster than IE or Firefox. Opera and Firefox have problems with two personal websites that I have, and IE works best with them. You may think it overkill to have three browsers, but it works for me.


Every browser has issues. IE7 has a lot of bugs yet. Hopefully Microsoft will get it sorted out someday.



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