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Red lines black lines



Transition from military life to civilian life can be very difficult, especially if you go 'cold turkey' i.e. you don't have a military base nearby to get your military life fix. Retirees from the military have one of the shortest lifespans post military. I can attest to that :bop: . However I think I found the answer, life out of the military is a lot like running a business. You have black lines and red lines. And the objective of the game is to eliminate as many of the red lines as you can. :Clever:

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Being retired military since 1979, my red line is the finances, I don't see them going away anytime soon. Retired from the postal service in 1995, lost my own business in 2004 due to stroke, had to sell out to pay the bills and save my home.


Maybe my Walmart retirement will get me out of the red lines, it's said the third time is a charm. :Help: :Hummm: isn't live wonderful living in the red. That's global warming us up!

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