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Teddy and another cat



Teddy is doing great as usual. He is "king of the world", he loves to prance around and greet all of his admirers (if he is in the mood) :party: Yesterday I took him out for his afternoon walk. When we got back in there was a woman I did not know at the front desk and she wanted to pet Teddy. For some reason Teddy decided to grant her her wish. Then, out of nowhere another woman appeared and dropped the first woman's cat on the floor right in front of Teddy and all heck broke loose. I was trying to control Teddy, even the administrator stepped in to help me control poor Teddy. I am not really sure exactly what happened, but it seems these two women had been feuding :yikes: and poor Teddy was caught in the middle. The two women were yelling, threating to call the :cops: It was quite a scene, Teddy actually behaved quite well, it was the two old women who went nuts. Soon people started coming into the hallway wondering what in the world was going on. I finally, I was able to get poor Teddy back to my room. Just an average day at the nuthouse!


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Poor Teddy....glad that all was resolved. Hope this kind of thing doesn't become a common occurrence or they might change their pet policy.

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Our Rat Terrior actually made friends with the cat we had, but the other cats in the neighborhood were fair game.



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there is nothing like your pet to either make you feel loved and safe or to bring you down to size, glad teddy is such good company and acquitted himself well. :hiya: :hug: :dribble: :whack:

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