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Hello all,

It seems almost all my entries are about Teddy, but quite frankly Teddy is really the one thing I can discuss without getting too negative. Anyway, Teddy is very very protective of me whenever someone comes and knocks on the door he usually gets very upset, especially if I am in bed. However, during the daytime sometimes reacts differently. Sometimes he gets (or at least likes to pretend he is) vicious. And sometimes he is wagging his little tail. I think he does that because he can recognize either his friends or people he knows by either their scent or voice. About 9:00 am or 10:00 his 'Aunt Kim' brings him a snack. So about 9:00 he is laying right by the door waiting for her. Aunt Kim didn't work Saturday and is on vacation this week. On Saturday he got very upset and missed his Aunt Kim. He knows exactly where her room is, and first thing in the morning went straight to her office looking for her. When I was finally able to drag him out, he went for his usual walk. When we got back and headed to my room he was ready to get back for his breakfast. Unfortunately, he doesn't remember my room as well as he does Kim's, but he usually finds it after a little help.

He seems to understands that Kim is not here this week because he didn't put up such a fuss looking for Kim this morning. After lunch I found a bone another of his many friends gave him, so he munched out on that.

Another adventure with Teddy and the Man.


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