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Not a good day



Today has not been one of my better. A lot of minor things, and a few major things had me in a bad mood. Then if that weren't enough, this afternoon, a friend of mine called to say her college age son got his girlfriend pregnant. When I am upset, Teddy also gets upset. Then if that were not enough we had thunderstorms this evening which upset Teddy even more. He went charging at the door barking at thunder a few times and I almost jumped out of my skin. All I need now is a tornado to come through and rip up the neighborhood. :nuts:


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Don't think I could manage a tornado - how about a BIG RED TOMATO? Just rolling in and over you all? LOL


There are going to be bad days - I say OK days and GO AWAY days.


I think babies are lovely, even the unexpected ones.



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Animals will pick up on our emotions. Though it's hard at times during storms, I try to remain calm for my cat and my kid. Neither one likes storms and, even though I am as scared as they are, I am to be the brave one and console them. Now that Kiddo is older, I have explained my fears but old habits diie hard as she runs to Mom when there is a storm.


Babies are special even though the timing of the pregnancy may not be the best.

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