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Another day in paradise



We finally had a bit of a break in the thunderstorms, and Teddy is definitely relieved. I actually enjoy watching thunderstorms. I recall one time when I was stationed at McDill AFB in Florida I saw a funnel cloud form over the barracks I lived in. I ran and got my camera and started taking pictures. Unfortunately, there was this guy in the barracks right across

from me and he thought I was some pervert taking photos of him. :noway:

Teddy injured his left front paw, between 2 of his toes. I thing he might have gotten a seed from one of the nearby trees stuck there. It seems there was a little bleeding. He appears fine. He really doesn't like anyone touching his paws, except me sometimes. I was able to put some ointment on it.

He still really enjoys his walks, although at times I think he's on the catwalk. (he's to sexy for his shirt). :toothy grin:


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