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Know Thyself



Just before I left the nursing home in Sept 2005, my OT told me she thought I had a Type A personality. I really didn't think that was true, so as soon as I got here, and got my computer up and running I did some research and found a Personality Test, based on theories of Carl Jung. After I took the test I was really surprised. I have a rather rare personality type, Rational Mastermind, or better known as INTJ. This really surprised me, especially the ominous sounding 'Mastermind", sounds very sinister to me. Actually the more I read about this type, the more I realized how it fit me. Some like to compare it to Mr Spock on 'Star Trek', but that really isn't accurate. One thing, is that many see us as very aloof, and like to spend most of the time alone. Also, we have very high Intuition, some even think it could be Psychic,but really it isn't. It as just when we know something we are right and know it. Also we have a very strong sense of right and wrong. Also, we have intense loyalty, and are reluctant leaders. It is a very interesting topic.


Back to the real world; Teddy. He is doing great, as usual. This morning when I took him out there was an elderly woman that had fallen at the other end of the hallway. At first he was very curious, as usual and I had to really pull on his leash to keep him out of the way. While we were walking an ambulance pulled up and of course he was curious. However, once they loaded the lady into the ambulance, he seemed to know something was wrong and didn't bother anyone. He just wanted to get back to our room. Strange how dogs pick up on things.


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