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hi from beijing...i wanted to really think about my friend bonnie's comment before responding...i do agree 101% with her that there are unethical people everywhere, in every corner of the planet without regard to race, religion or any other human classification...the important difference is that in the usa, as well as in many other countries, we have a thing called 'laws' that protect people from many, tho not all, unethical behaviors. if anyone can present a non-frivilous case against someone whom they feel wronged them, they get to have their day in court...in the case of tianjin, you must pay all the money upfront and good luck trying to get 'fairness' from the chinese communist party to settle a dispute!...they literally do not have a word for 'fair' in their dictionary...the only recourse here would be to bring suit against the american 'limited corporation' who bring the patients to tianjin and makes all the arrangements...they are lawyered up the wazoo, of course...the real kick in the pants here is that a stroke survivor manages this entire program...i say, as do many many others who've been to tianjin, that the foundation of this program is unethical and lacks integrity...it is designed to generate income for all the involved businesspeople which impacts patient treatment and results...sorry but stroke survivors deserve better...much much better...now before someone points out to me that hospitals and doctors need to make profits in order to render the care and help people please save your breath and tell me something that i don't already know...i practiced for 25 years in manhattan, charged relatively high prices and was nothing but grateful to receive my profits...you'd be hard pressed to find anyone among my ex-patients accusing me of unethical behavior that lacked integrity...the entire design of my practice was patient results...i was always taking a seminar and learning new ways to treat and help people...when i kept to that focus, the profits came naturally...i didn't have to lawyer myself up or have people sign forms like you must in tianjin...after being there for 3 or 4 months, i started to question these things and ask for a change in my treatment protocol...day in day out for this entire time the treatment never varied even tho i was receiving no change whatsoever in my condition...this reasonable questioning apparently upset the delicate flowers to the degree that the next day they required me to sign prepared forms stating that they do not promise improvements to my condition...this is after being told that they felt they could help me after i submitted my medical information during the application process to enter the program...i have come to see that the only requirement for entry to this hospital is 'how deep are your pockets'...

i'll start blogging about my new treatment asap...best from beijing, richxxx


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