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So my brother tells me



Well my brother dropped a bombshell on me yesterday. He told me that he thinks he had a stroke about two weeks ago as he came out of a bar. He said that his whole left side went numb and he fell down as he was exiting the bar, he said that he tried to get back up but fell again. A taxi driver came to his rescue, and took him home. I asked why he didn't go to the hospital, he said that he had been drinking and they might think he's just drunk. Said it took two days to clear up, and he was fine.

Now I'm not sure whether to beleive him or not, he is an alcoholic so he could of just been drunk.

He's fallen down anumber of times while intoxicated, but when he said the whole left side went numb I started to think. He's 45yrs. old, not in the greatest shape, drinks to extremes, smokes non stop, eats junk from morning to night, and still skinny.

I told him to get a doctor to check him out, because if it was a TIA then it's a warning, and it needs to be looked after ASAP. He said Yah, yah, which means he won't go get checked out, I mentioned to my doctor and he said if he won't get help there's nothing I can do as he's an adult. I hope it's not what I fear it might be, but we'll never know until .............


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You can lead a horse to water....ya know the rest. What your brother experienced may definitely been a warning sign as we all well know. Don't verbally nag at him - believe me - I know first hand that doesn't work as he'll just quit telling you things. Does he have internet access?" If so, as you do research on stroke, email him the info including warning signs, preventions, etc. Besides the National Stroke Association and American Stroke Association, has excellent stroke resources.

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Guest thegoodlife



Hi Stu:



Your worries are ligimate but to no fail they will not HELP you! :nuhuh: Like Donna says 'you can lead a horse to water but can't make him drink' is so true. :Tantrum: :Tantrum:


I have brother just like yours only he does have real bad heart problems and knows it. :whack: He just hates Dr's and is bull-headed and kinda given up. He told my Mom today that he will have to get pacemaker because he doesn't think Gavorkian can practice anymore. :secret: Now, that is how he feels-that's hard. He will need heart transplant if pacemaker doesn't work;guess that would be hard for us all!


He is such nice guy but just can't get-it-together. I just pray and support him all I can. Saying things only makes it worse so I just listen;that seems to help.


Good Luck and try not to worry as God will take care of him. Leave it all in God's hands- things always happen for a reason. You need to take care of YOURSELF. :forgive_me?:


I know how upsetting it can be but you have my total support!!! :friends:


All my best wishes and prayers to you,


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