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Come and gone



Monday, August 13th, was my 21 month stroke-aversary. I didn't even notice it until I was in bed and almost asleep. This was really liberating for me.


~quick hijack...is this icon doing what I think it is doing? :i_did_it!: oh my oh goodness - at least it is beeped out I guess~


Anyway. I am continuing to improve mentally and emotionally. I am tenderly stepping up to the realization that having a stroke at the time in my life when I was the most fit was good, not bad - it helped me to rebound.


I continue to have walking problems and remaining numbness in my foot but things haven't looked this good in nearly 2 years. :laughbounce:


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Glad to hear you are doing well and are moving forward. I am 2 1/2 years post now; there are times when I am so involved with life now and the sights set on my future, that I almost (I said almost :rolleyes: ) forget about my anniversary date.

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I am happy that you are doing so well, it gives ton of peace once we accept what happened and move on with life. I too am enjoying my new reincarnation though I do have to fight to keep my spirits up.




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