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Meeting People Where They Are



The hospice instructor wrote the words, "Fix it" on the board and proceeded to declare, "You can't do it."


You can't fix it. So then, what can you do?


You can be there and experience with some hurting soul, the ministry of presence, understanding, and silence. You can weep with those who weep. That is part of what the church does. When the church functions with its ministry of tears, the world takes notice.


Likewise, you can also rejoice with those who rejoice - and this is sometimes more difficult because it requires a relinquishment of pride, jealousy, and envy. Rather than being the star on the field, one becomes the cheering section. The covetous soul cannot rejoice in the success of one with whom he is competing, but the Christian can consider blessings that come to a brother or sister with great cause for joy.


It requires that we "Be of one mind one toward another," (Romans 12:16a)


There are areas where we must agree as believers in Jesus Christ. One of them is an agreement for God's best in one another's lives - so much so that we agree about the pain when one is suffering and about the joy when one is rejoicing.


It further requires that we "Mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate. Be not wise in your own conceits." (Romans 12:16b)


We are never so far above a brother or sister in Christ that we cannot sit with them where they are, in joy or sorrow. That is our witness in the world. That is our great honor. That is family. Here at we are a family support group second to none.


As members, look how often we ask for prayers, best wishes, and give our condolences in times of sorrow. This writing was part of the pastors sermon that hit so close to home here at strokenetworld until I wanted to share since I welcome so many new members looking for family support at a time when there is no one to talk to about a stroke and recovery.


They have not the understanding that life is not over, life is living, the light gets rid of darkness as we understand it when God said "Let there be light" and so it was. It's not our will, it's Gods will, we just need to trust in him to see the light.


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Dear friend you may not blog often, but when you do..........golly gee brings a chill to me and a tear to my eye. Very moving and so very true. Right here, in our corner of the cyber world, we're doing God's Will. Thank you for reminding us.

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WOW.. Thanks for sharing the sermon and thoughts.


And we are Thankful for the hand that led Steve to put his ideas and dream of helping members here.


The ineteraction and empathy here is heartwarming .. Reaching out to receive help for ourselves.. and to turn around to return the helping hand..



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Fred I did some time as a hospital visitor which is what an unpaid chaplain is called in our system. So I really understand: "You can be there and experience with some hurting soul, the ministry of presence, understanding, and silence. You can weep with those who weep. "


Sometimes there is pretty much nothing to do other than sit beside someone and let their grief become your grief. It is a ministry of burden-sharing. It is an emotionally draining ministry but you know you are helping someone in a way that only a few can.


I guess being in that hard place with others taught me lessons that I have used looking after Ray, that sense that some things just have to be lived through and how feelings of our own have to be suspended in order that we help relieve the burden of others. It is a kind of selflessness that I guess is also a sign of maturity.


And in doing this for the stranger and the wayfarer, those without family support especially, we come to them as part of the family of God.




Good for you Fred for seeing this as something we all need to think about from time to time.



(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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You often hear me speak of you, Jean and others as care givers for many years for the person they married and are still with by the grace of God.


Even when you moved and had to find another church and new friends who understood your situation with Ray.


I thank my wife for the contributions to my life by caring enough to quit her job to comfort me while I could do nothing for myself.


The message really hit home and me thinking of all my stroke family here in search of peace and many answers they seek. Thanks for your sermon!

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I have so many here i look up to, thank you for reminding me to share the journey so others just starting or facing a hurdle can feel god's strength is there for them are a wonderful inspiration.

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