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What is Happiness in Our Lives?



Happiness is the inner joy that can be sought or caught, but never taught or bought. That means to me that life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance. I logged in today and read the newbie introduction by jcr56 about her husband and couldn't help but recall my own feelings about life and where I would be in a few years after having a stroke I knew nothing about.


She stated that she would love to know what has helped us all what she can do to help her husband cause she needs help. My thoughts are the fact that me like her husband are stroke survivors meaning life as we know it has just been extended after a death defining life changing act.


So, accepting what has happened will help the most then adjusting our lives, our styles, habits and doing what ever it may be to live life as best we can with what we have left cause life ain't over till it's over. Adjustments are certainly in order and must be done because the inter joy we once had in a non handicap world is no longer available to keep that inter joy we once sought or caught and now we can not buy it. We end up paying to survive by all means.


I would love to be able to do all the things I did prior to my stroke that gave me so much happiness in life. I have accepted the fact that those days are by-gone and learned to live with what I can do these days while I'm still a survivor and alive.




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I often wonder now post stroke what gives me happiness, now I realize ost stroke all the small things I had taken for granted gives me lot of happiness, like today shopping for my son's back to school supplies made me so happy, the joy on my son's facing in finding Jack sparrpow made me happy. taking him to swimming pool makes me happy. I realize hard way what matters in my life.






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Like you, I have sat back and asked myself the same question. Ultimately, my happiness is being permitted to surive this life altering event. I was one of the blessed - I was given another chance at life - God wasn't ready for me this time. Granted, I have my mostly physical deficits but I'm getting around and face the challenges each day has in store for me.

It is definitely better than the alternative.

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Good blog. I think of myself as being content as you can note by my signature. Read the 4th chapter of Phillipians to see why this is such a powerful statement.


Happy blogging!



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