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Good Summer.



Wow it is so hard to believe August is on it's way out. My daughter and family moved to Eastern Washington, right after school was out. School will be starting in a couple weeks.


Bill my grandson loves it there. He is all signed up for his "high school" classes. Started football "conditioning and training a couple weeks ago. Last week they started football practice. 6 days a week 5 hours a day.. He is doing GREAT and loves it. Making new friends so he will know some of the kids before classes start. I think they start Aug Th.


I planned on getting SOOO much done this summer. Well a few things are accomplished, Our front yard is starting to look very nice. We finally got "real" grass and not just whatever decided to grow out there. (lol) I did get 4 tomato plants planted.. 2 regular and 2 cherry.. We are getting tomatoes now.


I also planted 2 giant pumpkin plants and they are growing and getting little pumpkins started.


John and I put in a laminate wood floor in the bedroom .... I think we have learned a few things before we do another one. Definitely not as easy as it looks on TV. Especially if the floors are not quite level.. NEXT time we will use leveling compound instead of just trying to put it over existing floor. We did do a few things wrong ( not according to directions ) and that sure didn't make it any easier and ended up NOT being a "short cut"


Well it is a back bedroom, with very little traffic and a couple throw rugs ... and it is good enough... and LESSONS learned for the next time.


I got to meet Asha and family which was really exciting to me..



The last 2 weeks I have been looking at "chairs" It was definitely time to "retire" mine. I have been checking sale ads .. and "trying out" chairs. I was beginning to feel like Goldilocks.. this ones to hard, this ones to big..LOL. I FOUND IT ... and it was on Sale and they were also having 2 days of NO Sales tax on purchases. We picked it up yesterday.


Yesterday was also my sister in laws annual "Pickle Party" she sets up canopy's and tables and people bring their cucumbers, jars, etc.. usually 2 or 3 families making pickles at one time.. people pitch in and help each other stuff jars, put on lids.. We made 15 quart jars and 6 pints of dill pickles.


Then after the pickling is done, there is a pot luck barbecue. The pickles have to sit for 6 weeks before eating them. Some people also pickled green beans, cauliflower, and some zucchini. I will try to remember next yr to take along some green beans ..


A fun and productive day..


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I'm glad that "Goldilocks" found the perfect chair. I'm sure the trying out process was becoming quite tiring. And a Sale to boot - YEAH!!!! Glad to hear Bill likes his new surroundings and is getting settled in. My kiddo starts on the 30th - she thought it was the 27th; will be adjustment as she is used to AZ schools wth "open" campus. Her school is HUGE building with 4 floors. She'll get a daily workout running to classes.


Pickling party sounded fun. My cousin has a small garden and provided us with delish tomatoes.

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bonnie sounds like a good summer for you so far. i remember my mom's garden and her pickling, it was a big job but great rewards. i'm glad you found a chair to your liking, there are so many these days. i live in mine so it has to be perfect and comfy. your grandson's football regime sounds like my nephews too. enjoy your new front yard and garden. its so nice to live out in the country with acreage to spread out on.

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