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I just got back from meeting Asha, her husband, son and the friends they are traveling with. It was a quick meeting.. They are on their way back from Vancouver, Canada to Seattle and then they go on their cruise tomorrow.


We met at a gas station off the exit as it is easy off and back onto the freeway. The friends they are traveling with have friends a little South of me and they are making a stop their to see them also.


Asha's husband took a couple photos of us together. They are enjoying the change of scenery and seem to be having a good time.


It was really nice to have a chance to meet and spend a few minutes and give each other hugs.


We had been hoping to make some type of a get together with a few other members, but with traveling with another Family and trying to get all the site seeing in ... that just didn't happen.


It was a fun filled few minutes of chatting and connecting. I wore my Stroke Net Work tee shirt.. so she would be able to find me. She was describing their car and what she was wearing.. I chuckled. This is a gas staion off the Freeway.. but I live in a Rural area.. I said I am wearing my strokenet work tee shirt.


What a delightful family ..... and now I have faces ... and memories..


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How Cool!!! I too am anticipating getting to meet them now that we are on the same side of the country. It was great that you guys were able to make the connection. :D

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I'm glad you had a chance to meet Asha and her family. Wouldn't it be great if we could all get together someplace. The logistics would be a nightmare, I know, but what a hoot that would be.




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bonnie, how wonderful for you both. i'm glad it worked out for you. i agree with bob that would be a fun time for all of us to get together. i know i really enjoyed getting to meet donna before she left arizona. now you have the memories and so does asha.

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