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Post haircut boost



:Clap-Hands: I have gotten a lot of good reviews from my new "makeover', which is a nice boost. However, as usual Teddy is the center of attention, which is fine with me. He has me wrapped around his little paw. I do whatever he wants. Often he will just sit in front of me and give me his look. I know it is time to take him out. I take him out at least 3 times a day.

One of the residents was petting him today. He was being very gentle, but Teddy let out quite a yelp when he was petting him on his left side. He has never done that before and I am a bit concerned.

I have a new table mate in the dining room. She is a very nice lady, probably a few years older than me. She has suffered two minor strokes in a little over a year. She had her first June before last, and her second in February. She is doing really well. She can walk, and only has minor paralysis on her right side. I told her about this site and hopefully she will join us soon.

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When is the last time you looked in Teddy's ears? Every time our dog gets an ear infection, usually the first sign we get is that he'll yelp when someone pets him and touches his ear. You can usually tell if there is an infection because it will look yucking inside with black stuff and/or smell bad if it's deep inside. Also feel all over the area that the woman petted. There could be a fatty tumor or something under the skin bothering him.



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