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Finally cut my hair



Well I finally did it. :Clap-Hands: . My 60's flashback ended today when I got my haircut. I thought about becoming a skinhead, but I really don't care too much for safety pins. :yikes: One thing about having short hair again is is much more difficult to hide when you don't shave. Also, I can be thankful I didn't grow a mullet. Country line dancing just isn't my thing. Afterwards we went out to dinner at Country Buffet and I had a old fashioned Texas style dinner: chicken fried steak (with gravy), black eyed peas, fried okra and a baked potato all I needed was a Dr Pepper with peanuts. It was great, I haven't been out to dinner in a very long time. Teddy even recognized me, so all is well. :yikes: :i_did_it!:


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you made me hungry right in the early morning, now I want to eat that dinner, glad Teddy recognized you, when I cut my hair short my kido was upset with me for long time till I had my hair grown long.




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