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Weather or not



I really enjoy watching weather, and I have experienced all kind of weather. Hurricane Beulah in 1967, several funnel clouds, a tornado, two waterspouts (in one day), too many thunderstorms to count, a fair amount of blizzards, and heavy snowfall (24 inches at one time is the record), thundersnow, two very small earthquakes, several hail storms and ice storms. The hurricane was very interesting. We were nowhere near the eyewall, but the winds were strong enough it would bend the sliding glass door near the patio. We had a 1954 Ford parking at the front of the house and the wind would almost flip it over. We saw a few birds trying to fly but when the wind caught them it blew them in a completely different direction. Afterwards we had no water or power for awhile, and some flooding. It appeared that a small tornado had ripped up a tree at my grandparents house and just clipped the corner of their house. I think it was the summer of 1997, but there was a large forest fire southwest of Denver (Hayman fire), we could not see the fire from Denver, but the sky became like an orange fog. A very eerie effect. About the only thing I haven't witnessed is a volcano, but you never know.


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I am glad you haven't witnessed volcano. I am glad other than snow I haven't witnessed much rough weathere here in NJ.




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well you certainly weathered your fair share Doug! :cold: :badmood:

Lol :lightning: Very true Phoenix. Actually, their is one thing I forgot to mention, is the cold. The lowest temperature. I was -25, once in Omaha and once here in Denver. Really, once it gets to -6 it doesn't feel any colder. Also, jet aircraft have a very muffled sound. It is very strange. I always like to live close to work, so if necessary I can walk to work. That paid off because one day my car would not start and so I had to walk to work when it was -10, I was too cheap to call a cab. :insane:

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