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Anne visits me and Teddy



:friends: My friend Anne (she is the one that bought me the Egyptian beads while in Paris) came by to see me and Teddy today. She actually has as many problems as I do, but she has a heck of a lot more money. Her husband of 26 years discovered about a year ago that he was a sex addict, after a lot of counseling they decided to get a divorce. Now she found out her college age son got his friend pregnant. She isn't his miss right, more like a miss right now. They are not planning on getting married, but for now they will move in together and he will take care of the child. I am not sure when the baby is due. But it is a tough situation for her; again. She is going to take me to get a haircut on Thursday. For the past several months I have been letting my hair grow. I did it mainly because I am not working, so I really don't need the professional military look I had for so many years. I also wanted to do it for quite a while, and it is getting too long and when it gets too long it starts to curl and I hate that.

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happy that you have friends who can come and visit, all of us have some problem or other it's how we deal with them defines us as a person.




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