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I just got in trouble

Aussie Ken


My darling wife was out the back and i had just finished my 1/2 hour stand and standing exercises when i thought i would walk down the hallway by myself and get back to my chair. as i approuched the kitchen door my daughter spotted me and called out to Kathy. so i got into trouble for walking by myself. I felt confinent in myself that i could do it. A lot of it is mind over matter.

I'm sick of being so restricted and as my confidence builds my walking will improve.



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hey Ken:


not to encourage your naughty behaviour, though I understand why walking independently is so important, and how would you improve if you don't try it, though at the same token be safe, use cane in the begining then ditch it later on.




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Ken, I can understand Kathy's concern but also your need for independence. I guess she feels that if you fell and injured yourself it would make her job harder and she would be responsible. Whenever I tell people Ray has had another fall they always say:"Where were you?" as if I should be right there beside him!


Warm here today, maybe Spring is on the horizon and we will have those pleasant sunny days again. I was sick of the rain by the end of last week, even though we needed that much and more.


Maybe ask Kathy if she could walk with you for short distances. I walked to the left of Ray and slightly behind so I could catch hold of him and hold him up if I needed to. Now I walk near him but without a hand on him and yes, if he falls he falls.



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I understand.. I at first used a walker... and then a cane. I could pretty much get around the house by holding onto or staying near the furniture.


As others have said practice with maybe a "gait belt" on and someone close enough to grab the belt, but not holding onto you.


You don't want to fall and break something.. or crack your head open. It does take practice and in one way it is mind over matter, but remember our minds are injured.. and balance ... and where are feet go are being re-learned.


Do you have a cane you can use.. It reallydoes help a great deal ... and then when you are more steady... you may not need the cane. Sometimes now, if I am in a large crowd I wish I had my cane.. just for a cue to other people, that I am not so quick or steady.

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I too can see Kathy's point as much as I can see yours (as a fella survivor). At first I always walked with my hemiwalker and/or via gait belt and someone holding onto me. I learned to venture out (as I became more stable and brave) and to leave behind the walker as long as I'm wearing my AFO. Since July, and our relocation, I have graduated to leaving my walker upstairs in my bedroom for use when I'm not wearing the AFO.


Just be safe; you don't want to get injured and experience a major setback in your recovery. I haven't "smelled" the carpet in over a year, but I remain cautious that it could happen.

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Agree with the others but as Bonnie said, counters and furniture help a lot. You leg will get better too - just be careful. And something else, unless you use an AFO, barefoot is very good or thin socks. Barefoot is better because the foot feel feels different textures and it helps the brain remember. JUST BE CAREFUL!
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Hey Ken! As the others said, your safety is priority! I feel the same way about confidence. I am able to go without my cane to and fro from living room to kitchen. I am getting more braver but I always have my safety in mind first. So I keep the cane nearby, just in case. I haven't CHUCKED A WOBBLY yet! I'll keep my fingers crossed on that one. And keep my fingers crossed for you too.

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