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I walked 60ft by myself

Aussie Ken


Well i finally made 20m (about 60ft) by myself with Kathy walking behind me just in case i stumble, my balance is finally coming back but because i've still haven't got much feeling down the right hand side i still lean to my left a bit. Every time Kathy has me up and walking i try to get her to let go of me, so this is my best distance yet. So my goal now is to double this distance over the next week or so.

I even have been doing some of my walking with out the cane.


:happydance: :happydance:


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Congrats Ken.. :) :) Don't worry about using the cane.. You need to get your balance.. and learning to walk with a numb limb, is not easy.. The cane is really helpful.. and a good safety measure..


Keep up the great work.. and remember it's ok to push.. but don't over do.. When I try pushing too much, i usually end up spending 2 days down.. catching up..


:cheer: :cheer:


When I started walking I would (say in my head.. not outloud... pick up your foot, with each step of the affected leg.) The brain needs to re-learn.. and repetation and focus is a big part of learning..


(no walking and chewing gum at the same time for awhile..LOL)

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Ken that is really good. I hope you soon get to the stage where the front gate, the driveway, the back yard are all accessible to you without Kathy having to be there.


Just having Ray walk to the car by himself or walk through the house to the back door when we need to go out is important to me. They are little things we would take for granted except that for a while we used the wheelchair in the house so I know how precious going it alone is for Ray and how important his independence is for me.


You have come a long way in what must have seemed like a long time for you, but it is regaining function that counts, not the time it takes.


Cheers mate, Sue.

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Congrats on the walking. Like Bonnie said, remember safety first. You don't want to get injured and lose the progress you've worked so hard to gain. I also, mentally tell me affected side what I want it to do. At times I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall or a 2 year old with a temper tantrum LOL, but I do it anyway. There are times when the arm/hand and leg listen to me :happydance:

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congrats on your walking achievements, I know it must feel so good to achieve that feat, though I too agree with Bonnie it is ok to use cane for safety, and repetition is must. keep on adding onto what you can do, and prety soon wheelchair will be distance memory of past.




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BRAVO KEN! That is awesome!..Congrats! I walk with a cane as well. I did start with a quad cane but graduated to a straight cane in June. A little scary but I persisted and now it is not so scary. I also walk from living room to kitchen with no cane and I do okay. But yes, it is difficult when you don't have a lot of feeling on one side. We will get better Ken. Meanwhile I play it safe and use the cane until I get better for safety. After all, I do not want to "Chuck a Wobbly"..LOL! I just love that saying! Keep up the awesome work Ken..BRAVO!

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ken, that is terrific news. how great you must feel. just don't lose the cane just yet. build more distance and confidence 1st. safety is very important. so stay steady ken and keep going strong. you are the man, wooohooo.

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