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Intersting visit to the physio

Aussie Ken


Yesterday i had an intersting visit to the physio. Whilst she had me walking in bare feet she noticed that i was walking on the outside of my foot and that although the drop foot had improved i still had this problem and it's contibuting to my walking problems. She gave me a few sitting exercises were i use a strech band to get my foot flat again. This morning whist doing my daily stand i moved the wedge around so that the outside of my foot was on the slope and just the inde of the foot was flat. It gave me a totally different strech up through my ankle and calf. I will try this stretch for a week ofr so and see if it corrects the problem.

She also gave me more hand exercise and was impressed with my wrist flexation.

Hopefully if i can regain my balance i should be ready to start water exercises by the time summer comes around. I'm near an excellant hydrotherapy pool and the people i see bor physio run threopy lessons there.


If anybody has any more tips to get my foot flat it would be greatly appreciated.


Have a great week


Aussie Ken



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Dear Awesome Ken--I like your innovative idea in using the stretch band in a different way. I hope it works in getting your foot to operate the way it should. Good Luck. Take Care. LK
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Great news.. I sat in a chair with leg out straight and had to flex my foot towards me and then out. I do tend to walk on the inside of my foot. I am really careful that the soles of my shoes are not too thick, and I also wear high top tennis shoes to help with ankle support.


When I first started walking i used "aqua socks" I think it helped with balance and feeling what was under my feet.

Almost like walking barefoot, but had protection outside of the house.



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Hey Ken!..I didn't have a real bad problem with my foot turning, just slightly. So what I did other than wearing an ankle brace for a bit, I would strape on a leg weight to my bad leg at home. I started small, just a 2# weight at first and I walked around the house with it on, with or without a cane. It helped keep my foot flat when walking or sitting. Plus the weight was already there to do leg lifts. In fact, as I am typing this, I am wearing a 5# leg weight on my bad leg. I no longer have that slight turn and haven't for a long time. It actually feels good having it on and I wear it all day wherever I go. Trying to build that muscle back up, I have chicken legs right now where they use to be muscular and toned before stroke. (was big walker plus hula dancing gave me strong legs. (Oh well!) I feel wearing the weight have really helped my balance and stabalized me more. I don't wear one on my good leg because it does double duty supporting my bad leg. You can buy these at any sporting good store and you can probably go for more than 5# to start with. Just work your way up as you get stronger. They are called ankle weights and I also use to wear one on my bad arm and that really helped keep my arm from going up plus wrists. This has really helped me and if you try it...I hope it helps you too! I tell you what, by wearing the strap on weight, I haven't CHUCKED A WOBBLY ever! LOL!

Just me, Shirley a.k.a. Phoenix

P.S. I also don't have to wear any kind of ankle brace anymore, I believed it got strong using the weight and my arm doesn't ever hardly go up as well.

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