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Finally back on Line

Aussie Ken


Hi everybody, unfortunately the puter decided to chuck a wobbly so we sent it off for a check-up. It's now running fine which is lucky because i have to finish of my Lions Club bulletin this week. We have out District Governer coming for a combined meeting with other clubs in our area.

Generally i'm going well, just fed up with my shelf because at the moment i can't walk by myself but i will keep trying, it will come.

Yesterday and today is extremely cold here in Sydney, since the stroke i'm finding the cold terrible give me the spring time as it's not too cold or hot.

Also for somebody like me who loved to be out and about doing gardening, playing sport, going tothe gym etc being confirmed to a wheelchair is very hard but i will overcome it.


have a good week




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Hey Ken..I like that saying.."Chuck a Wobbly" describes a lot. Mind if I use it? Is it an Australian saying like "Shrimp on the Barbie"? It just sounds cool! Your attitude sounds awesome and no doubt you will overcome. Keep trying like you say. Hope you have a great Lions Club meeting!

Best of Luck~ Shirley~ Monterey Bay, California

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Thanks for update I was wondering about you, I echo shirley's sentiments, keep that positive attitude and keep on trying you will overcome it, I know lot of us did sooner or later you will be off that thing & walking.




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Hi Ken, there must be a powerful computer virus around as my computer is down again and I am back on Trevors which he has taken back to basics three times now. But got to be grateful for having one anyway.


It was -3 degrees Tuesday night here. I was in Cairns where the night temps were higher than our day temps and the sky was an incredible blue. Ah! holidays are such fun and being with the family was a treat I needed.


Sorry to hear you are still not walking. Can you get any more physio? Ray's picked up again after the last lot but I guess after two weeks in respite and probably very little exercise he will be slower again.


Think of Spring it is only six weeks or so away.



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