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visit to the VA and excorcisms



:happydance: I have my appointment with the Orthotist tomorrow (the one I didn't show up to on May 10th, that they didn't tell me I wasn't there while I was there :Argh: ). Well this time I will make sure I get credit for attendance). I really don't know what the next step will be, but I hope it gets the process going for my new kafo. :yadayada:

I saw a pretty good movie last week, "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" after I saw it I did more research since it was based on a true story. I found out the girl was actually Anneliese Michel, from Germany, and she died in 1976 in her early 20's. I like stories like that, but when I found a web site about her I had a very strange feeling not to go any further :nuhuh: Anyway, I remember seeing a story about a fundamentalist Christian who did exorcisms fairly often. When he was asked how well he did, he said he had a pretty good success rate, however there were a few who were repossessed (his words). Also, last spring I was listening to a local radio host, who set up all his listeners for a joke about the true story based on the original movie "The Exorcist" (with Linda Blair). The movie was based on an actual exorcism in Chicago in 1947. It took him almost an hour to set up the joke, intermixed with unrelated things. Anyway, he mention his ex-wife, that she was born in Chicago and she was born in 1947 and they were married for 13 years. Finally, he said he wasn't afraid of the devil because he was married to his sister for 13 years. :roflmao:


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