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To VA or not to VA



Well, today was the day of my appointment with the orthatist. I had everything planned out. I was told to bring my KAFO, but it was easier to put it on than carry it. Teddy had not yet see me go through the process of putting it on. I actually did pretty good, especially since I hadn't put it on since last April. Once I got it on Teddy was very upset. He is already unhappy I am in a wheelchair, and this made it worse. I took him out for a walk before I left, but he was very concerned about me. He really didn't want to go, and he kept looking back at me while we were out to make sure I was ok. When I left he was ok, but I was worried about him.

When I finally got to the VA I was notified the appointment had been canceled and rescheduled for next week :Argh: Not a happy camper. At least they told me it was canceled before I saw the Orthatist, like last time. (insert cussing here)


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I'm sure Teddy will get used to the brace, especially is it starts to be a daily routine.


Sorry about your appointment ... again :Argh: you would think they could call and let you know.


Well better luck next week.

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Better luck next week Doug. Yes, Teddy will adjust to the KAFO. It took a bit for Crystal to adjust to my "equipment"; she watches over me when Kiddo is not home.

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