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preluki is the name of a bomber base and a town in the Ukraine. Teddy is a Libra. My first ancestor born in th US was born in NY in 1745 and fought in the Revolutionary War with Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys, and was wounded at Ft Ticonderoga, my uncle was a Ranger in WWII and climbed Point du Hoc during D-day, he was later wounded at the Battle of The Bulge. My father once saw Pretty Boy Floyd when he was a child. Another uncle ran a still in the hills of Arkansas during the Depression. My favorite movie is "The Seven Faces of Dr Loa". My favorite song is "Dear Prudence" by The Beatles. My first job was picking cotton for my uncle by hand when I was about 7.

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boy doug, you have a very good memory after stroke and it sounds like a family with alot of famous history. no wonder you joined the military and did well yourself. i also am a beatle fan, good choice of music my friend. take care of you and teddy.

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