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Walking Teddy



Walking Teddy can be an interesting adventure everyday. Actually, I think he can tell time. I first walk him when I get up. Sometimes, I wake up early, about 4:00am, when I do I have a cup of coffee, then wait for sunrise. Sometimes, I sleep later, maybe 7:00-7:30, then, I have to jump out of bed and take him right out. He usually takes either a short walk, or a long one, you never know with him. He usually waits by the door for snack time at 10:00. Then between 10:00-11:00 I take him out again. Then at about 1:00pm he lets me know he is ready to go again. Then I usually take him out one more time between 3:30-5:00pm. Occasionally, he will remind me it is time to go by sitting down in front of me and just looking at me.

He is very understanding and patient with me. He will often stop and look back at me to make sure I am okay. He has just learned to wait while I light a cigarette. When he is ready to go back in he heads right for the door. He has learned that I cannot use the stairs, so he goes up the ramp. Sometimes he likes to stop and visit with his many friends, sometimes he just wants to get to his business. He usually goes straight to my door. All the doors do look alike, but I think he pretty much knows which door to go to now.

This afternoon when I took him out he found a sausage from breakfast on the side walk. It had ants on it the first time he passed by, but the third time by he took it. Even though I really didn't want him to eat it he got mad and growled at me when I tried to take it from him.

He knew I didn't want him to have it, but he tried to look inconspicuous, with a" who me look?". He went straight to my room, then went to a corner and ate his sausage. It was really funny. He definitely wants thing his way, but he will be considerate of me,most of the time. :wacko:


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